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Joe Fonda bclef.png Bassist and Composer

United Jazz + Rock Ensemble
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Our first meeting took place on February 17, 2006 at the "Jazzkeller" in Esslingen, Germany. Joe toured with "Conference Call" (Gebhard Ullmann, b-cl, ss, ts; Michael Jefry Stevens, p; Joe Fonda, b; George Schuller, dr). I had exchanged some emails with drummer George Schuller with regard to the lineup of his band "Orange Then Blue", and George had put me on his distribution list. When I received the tour plan of "Conference Call", I decided to take the chance to listen to this band (I hadn't known before), and to meet George. The intimate atmosphere of the small jazz club gave me the opportunity to introduce myself to George, and to talk to Michael Jefry Stevens and Joe, too. Joe was very unhappy with his web appearance at this moment, and so he offered me to work as his webmaster.

That's the reason for losing sight of my own page since then. Please visit the new site of

Joe Fonda

to learn more about this great musician.

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