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United Jazz + Rock Ensemble

United Jazz + Rock Ensemble

Wolfgang Dauner, founder of the UJ+RE © Thomas Hönisch
picture taken on Sep 8, 1985 at the LG Jazz-Festival, Schleyer-Halle, Stuttgart, Germany


In 1975 director Werner Schretzmeier had been planning to top off a German tv show for teenagers by adding some music. As he had managed the band "et cetera" until 1972, it was most natural to contact leader and pianist Wolfgang Dauner. Discussing the type of music to be played rock had been mentioned, too. Wofgang Dauner thought of Jon Hiseman immediately, a friend of him since recording with him. Other names came into play like Albert - Volker - Ack...

The group had been first called "Elfeinhalb Ensemble" (named after the title of the tv show), and played in changing lineups. But soon the editorial department of the broadcast station received requests for recordings of this fabulous group. As no major label was ready to take the "risk", Wofgang Dauner finally founded the independent label "Mood Records" after winning Zweitausendeins as a distribution partner.

The first LP of the now so called United Jazz + Rock Ensemble - "Live im Schützenhaus" - became one of the most successful jazz recordings on the German market for decades.


The Music of the UJ+RE still sounds fresh after almost 30 years due to the quality of the musicians (each of them is/was a bandleader and an excellent soloist), and the original compositions provided by the members of the band.

Unfortunately there are no sound files available, neither at Mood Records nor at Zweitausendeins. That's due to the complicated copyright management of the GEMA (the German "Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte" or society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights), as Wolfgang Dauner explained to me in a phone call.

If you like the combination of jazz and rock, and if you want to listen to a merger never heard before, take the risk to order a CD of this band of bandleaders.

Complete list of musicians who played with the UJ+RE

  • Rüdiger Baldauf - trumpet [Germany]
  • Thorsten Benkenstein - trumpet [Germany]
  • Ian Carr - trumpet, fluegelhorn, compositions [UK]
  • Florian Dauner - drums [Germany]
  • Wolfgang Dauner - piano, compositions [Germany]
  • Johannes Faber - trumpet, fluegelhorn [Germany]
  • Jon Hiseman - drums, compositions [UK]
  • Dave King - electric bass [USA]
  • Volker Kriegel † - electric guitar, compositions [Germany]
  • Christof Lauer - saxophones, compositions [Germany]
  • Albert Mangelsdorff † - trombone, compositions [Germany]
  • Charlie Mariano - saxophones, nagaswaram, compositions [Germany/USA]
  • Peter O'Mara - electric guitar, compositions [Australia]
  • Ack van Rooyen - trumpet, fluegelhorn, compositions [Netherlands]
  • Barbara Thompson - saxophones, flute, compositions [UK]
  • Eberhard Weber - upright electric bass, compositions [Germany]
  • Kenny Wheeler - trumpet, fluegelhorn, compositions [Canada]


  1. Live im Schützenhaus [rec. 1977]
  2. Teamwork [rec. 1978]
  3. The Break Even Point [rec. 1979]
  4. LIVE in Berlin [rec. 1981]
  5. LIVE Opus Sechs [rec. 1984]
  6. HIGHLIGHTS [Sampler]
  7. Round Seven [rec. 1987]
  8. na endlich! live in concert [rec. 1991]
  9. HIGHLIGHTS 1 & 2 [Sampler]
  10. die neunte von United (live) [rec. 1996]
  11. X [rec. 1999]
  12. United Jazz + Rock Ensemble plays Albert Mangelsdorff [Sampler]
  13. United Jazz + Rock Ensemble plays Barbara Thompson [Sampler]
  14. United Jazz + Rock Ensemble plays Volker Kriegel [Sampler]
  15. United Jazz + Rock Ensemble plays Wofgang Dauner [Sampler]

All recordings (released by Mood Records) are still available on CD,
and can be ordered online at Zweitausendeins.


Official site of the UJ+RE (German language only)
Label: Mood Records (German and English versions)
E-Shop: Zweitausendeins (German language only)
GEMA (German and English versions)


I took some pictures of the members of the UJ+RE at their 10th anniversary concert
on April 6, 1985 at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Germany.
[show me the pics]

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