Trio Voltaire - Moments

Trio Voltaire

Jonathan Bratoëff - guitar
Oskar Gudjonsen - soprano and straight tenor saxophone
Ben Davis - cello

Moments 1 Calligraphy   2:22
2 En Cascade   4:17
3 L'amoureux   5:16
4 Nostalgico   3:58
5 Rise And Fall   4:23
6 Tomorrow   3:29
7 The Innocents Always Pay   5:35
8 Ephemere   5:48
9 Snow Fall   2:52

This is wonderful contemplative music recorded in London at the Swedish Church in March 2003. A CD has never been issued due to the sound quality which isn't perfect. Anyway, it's beautiful music, and some scratches didn't really disturb me. You're allowed to download the MP3 files if you can manage it. It might be a bit tricky, depending on your browser and player. Anyway, you can listen to the music. Jonathan Bratoëff told me that a new recording will be issued in the near future, with a percussionist added.

Please visit Jonathan's site, and look for projects (the yellow bubble on the edge of the dish) to find the page of Trio Voltaire.

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