Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio - Bright Side

Wolfgang Muthspiel Trio - Bright Side

Wolfgang Muthspiel - leader, guitar, composer
Matthias Pichler - bass
Andreas Pichler - drums

1 Etude #2   4:59
2 Mehldau   6:53
3 Shanghai   6:06
4 Etude #1   4:33
5 East Coasting   4:32
6 Dhafer   9:25
7 Homebody   5:31
8 Sleep   7:04
9 More Igor   6:24

all compositions by Wolfgang Muthspiel
except 'East Coasting' by Charles Mingus
Recorded in August 2005
Material Records MRE 016-2

Wolfgang Muthspiel says in his liner notes: "About one and a half years ago I was looking for a new band. My search produced highly musical twin brothers from Tyrol, heavily into jazz and listening to the kind of things I also like. From the first shy rehearsals something developed that I treasure in every concert we play. 'Bright Side' is the first recording of this new trio. My simple objective these days is to only play and write what I hear internally. No concept or ambition should get in the way of that voice. From that vantage point all musical choices become effortless and one can simply enjoy the sound. I hope you will too."

To keep it short and simple: "I love this recording!"

You can purchase the CD at Wolfgang's own label Material Records. Here you can also listen to Wolfgang's composition 'Mehldau' which is the only sample, but gives a fine impression of what you've to expect from the rest of the CD.

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