Transcription of Pat Metheny interview from The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno (sept or oct 1992)

JAY: My next guest is a guitarist who has won six Grammy awards. He'll be at the Pantages theater in Los Angeles this thursday and friday, and at Symphony Hall in Phoenix on October 18th. His new CD, SECRET STORY is at the top of the contemporary jazz charts, and he'll be joined be Branford, Sal Marquez, and Matt F? of our own Tonight Show Band. Please welcome Pat Metheny...

[Pat performs SEE THE WORLD]

JAY:...This is something unbelievable to me, you know don't live don't have a house or anything. You're just on the road, right?

PAT: I'm kind of nomadic, yeah. Well, I play alot. I mean I do alot of gigs, so I'm all over the world all the time.

JAY: But, i mean, how do you get, like...messages and stuff?

PAT: I do have an answering machine in Boston.

JAY: Oh an answering machine in Boston? You find that's convenient?

PAT: That helps, yeah.

JAY: Is that like your mom's house?

PAT: No, I have a place there. And my parents still live in Lee's Summit, Missouri in this little town that I grew up in, so...

JAY: Oh I see, but you're just, like, gone all the time?

PAT: I'm kinda gone all the time, yeah.

JAY: Boy, that's strange!

PAT: But it's fun, I love to, I mean, you know I'm getting to do exactly what I always to do.

JAY: No that's great, that's great.

PAT: I have no complaints.

JAY: Now, your folks didn't want you to play guitar originally, right? Is that true?

PAT: They weren't crazy about it at first because, you know, to them I think the guitar sort of represented, you know, all things that it did in the '60's about people growing their hair long and all that stuff...but for me it was, you know, I got into jazz almost immediately. I heard a Miles Davis record and Coltrane and all that stuff and for me I got very serious about it and I think they just didn't quite know what to make of it, 'cause I wasn't into rock, I wasn't into...

JAY: Well I'm sure that they like it now.

PAT: Yeah, now they're fans.

JAY: Well that's great, terrific. Well see you in a little bit. We'll take a break and you'll play again later. Be right back. Pat Metheny.

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