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by Gary Walker, c2005 for Nonesuch Records

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[2.] (4:11) Pat, can you talk about the evolution of the Pat Metheny Group sound and how it brings us to this new CD, THE WAY UP?

Pat Metheny: We've been heading in this direction really from the very beginning, I mean so much of what the group has been about right from the start has been this whole idea of expansion and taking the fundamental sound that we made as a quartet and continuing to find ways to develop it, through dynamics, through texture, through orchestration, through formal structures. What's been consistent through the years has been our impulse to research those kind of issues.

And, you know, there have been a couple records along the way, I'm thinking like, AS FALLS WITCHITA, SECRET STORY, a record like IMAGINARY DAY where there were pretty serious attempts at connecting things over long periods of time but when we finished SPEAKING OF NOW, which was a record that in many was a record to just bring Antonio and the new guys into our world, to kind of like teach them the basic language or the basic dialect we deal with.


Interviewer: Gary Walker, WBGO, Newark, New Jersey.

Interview Disc created by Nonesuch Records, 2005. Transcription by Derek Trenholm.

Pat Metheny interview content generously provided by journalist Karsten Mützelfeld.

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