Pat Metheny

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Pat Metheny has kicked off the millennium in style with his new TRIO 99-00. Supported by just bass and drums, Metheny displays all the flash, craft, and lyricism that has made him one of the most influential of all jazz guitarists. Although he's not about to put aside work with his full-size ensemble — the Pat Metheny Group — this scaled-down session gives him a chance to strut his stuff as a player. Below, Metheny waxes enthusiastic to's Ted Panken about the jazz records and guitarists that speak volumes to him. What five CDs are in your rotation at this point?

Pat Metheny: I've been listening to a bunch of stuff lately. The new Keith Jarrett solo piano record [THE MELODY AT NIGHT, WITH YOU] is in there. Larry Goldings' new trio record MOONBIRD. I've got TENOR MADNESS by Sonny Rollins. And I've got Brad Mehldau's new trio record, BACK AT THE VANGUARD, which for me is the release of the year. I've loved Brad ever since he came on the scene. What albums inspired you to get into music?

PM: There are four big records for me. ...

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