The Metheny method

Guitar legend brings his latest trio to T.O. for rare club date

March 21, 2000 by Errol Nazareth for the Toronto Sun

You know those screen savers featuring geometrical signs that continuously morph and blend into each other?

Observe 'em closely and you'll understand how a jazz trio operates, offers ace guitarist Pat Metheny, whose last three trio records -- 1976's Bright Size Life, 1984's Rejoicing, and 1990's Question And Answer -- are certified classics. Joining that elite club is Trio 99>00, his striking new disc featuring drummer Bill Stewart and bassist Larry Grenadier.

Metheny and company are at the Guvernment for a rare club date tomorrow night.


"A trio is like a triangle, it's like this eternally shifting responsibility between the three of us," Metheny explains. "Everybody's finishing each other's sentences and everyone's holding up their end, but at the same time the responsibility and the weight is constantly shifting.


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