A Fireside Chat with Pat Metheny

February 2005 by Fred Jung for all•about•jazz

Defying definition and escaping categorization, Pat Metheny's contributions to jazz have been downplayed. But Metheny, relaxed, seems to be at peace and untroubled by his perceived enigma.

All About Jazz: With the suspension of the jazz at Warner Bros., Nonesuch is a fashionable lateral move.

Pat Metheny: My situation was unique in the sense that since 1984, when I left ECM, I started my own production company. Basically, we license our records to record companies. I haven't been in the position of having to deal with a label since ECM. We do what we do and we've been lucky to have three good associations: Geffen, Warner Bros., and Nonesuch. This recent thing that happened is actually the greatest thing that's happened for me. One of my best friends since the early ECM days is Bob Hurwitz. Bob is the person running Nonesuch. It fell right into place...


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