Pat Metheny - One Quiet Night

By Don Dawson for, © 2003

One quiet night, Pat Metheny sat down after an exhaustive day of production-related chores that would eventually lead to the release of Speaking of Now (his brilliant 2002 Warner Bros. release that once again showcased the complex virtuosity in the songwriting collaboration of Metheny/Mays). He popped a CD-R into his brand-spanking new CD burner and started to play. He played for six hours. When was the last time you picked up your guitar and played for six hours straight? Pat thus embarked upon a journey that would take him to paths quite unexpected.

Several days later, Pat hits the road for a year long tour and finds himself pleasantly intrigued with his 6-hour CD collection. You see, the unique thing about this particular collection of songs is that Pat recorded them as solo acoustic performances on a Manzer Baritone guitar. The guitar truly sounds god-like and the playing is some of Pat's most compelling. The performances range from stark and haunting to melodic and meditative.

As Pat's trio tour starts to wind down, he takes a few minutes out to chat with about his latest unexpected release, One Quiet Night. Pat shares what led him to record this new CD, his thoughts on Cream, Hendrix, and Gerry and the Pacemakers, plus, for an added bonus, he does his very best Nigel Tufnel impersonation. Hey Pat, thanks for calling. I know you've been really crazy touring and such but I appreciate you following up to make the interview happen.

Pat Metheny: My pleasure.


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