Update April 13, 2007

Four Pat Metheny interviews

  • Pat Metheny found the perfect pairing by Daniel Durchholz for STLtoday.com (March 29, 2007)
  • Ich muss gute Töne finden by Maxi Sickert for ZEIT online (March 28, 2007) Germany German language
  • Metheny / Mehldau -- On the Record by Will Layman for PopMatters (November 2006)
  • Nuclear fusion by John Fordham for The Guardian (Juny 9, 2005)

Brad Mehldau interview

  • Brad Mehldau: Excitement and Energy by Nenad Georgievski for All About Jazz (February 13, 2007)

Update January 27, 2007

Two Pat Metheny interviews

  • Pat Metheny: Another Phase Dance by Doug Collette for All About Jazz (December 11, 2006)
  • Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau by Christian Broecking for Jazzthing (November 2007) Germany German language

Update October 27, 2005

Four interviews

  • The Metheny method - Guitar virtuoso prefers subtle interpretation to fancy improvisation by Michael Senft for The Arizona Republic (March 21, 2002)
  • Pat Metheny - A Man And Machine In Perfect Harmony..., by Mike Flynn for Audiostreet (September 2000)
  • Lyle Mays at the horizons of jazz with & without Pat Metheny by Ted Greenwald for Keyboard (July 1986)
  • Lyle Mays: Straight Talk On Synths by John Diliberto and Kimberly Haas for Down Beat (July 1983)

Update October 18, 2005

Three articles

  • Metheny denounces Kenny G., by Paul Cantin for JAM! Showbiz (July 12, 2000)
  • Compositional Process, Pat Metheny, by Gil Goldstein for The Jazz Composer's Companion, Advance Music (1993)
  • Compositional Process, Lyle Mays, by Gil Goldstein for The Jazz Composer's Companion, Advance Music (1993)

Eight interviews

  • INTERVIEW with PAT METHENY - Season 28, by anonymous for Austin City Limits (November 24, 2003)
  • PROOF: An Interview With Pat Metheny, by C.J. Shearn for ? (August 2002)
  • Jazz-Gitarrist Pat Metheny: Heute hätte ich Klavier gelernt, by Fridtjof Küchemann for FAZ-NET (May 17, 2002) (May 17, 2002) Germany German language
  • An Interview With ... Pat Metheny, by Sam Pryor for Enjoy the Music (April 2002)
  • Pat Metheny: Speaking of Now, by Pat Buzby for www.jambands.com (February 20, 2002)
  • ASK PAT! - Pat Metheny interview for Korean fans, by PMGMW for Pat Metheny Group Mania Web (c2002)
  • MY FAVORITE THINGS - Pat Metheny, by anonymous for Barnes & Noble (c2000)
  • PAT METHENY, by Eric Feber for The Virginian-Pilot (January 27, 1995)

Update October 16, 2005

New section Pat about ... added analyzing Pat's thoughts about musicians, his recordings, record labels, and miscellaneous topics

One new interview

  • Patís new way revolts against old - Jazz icon revolts against a crass culture in new work, by Charles Levin for the Sentinel Correspondent (February 24, 2005)

Update October 12, 2005

Two new interviews

  • GOING HIS OWN WAY, by David Rubien for the San Francisco Chronicle (February 27, 2005)
  • REFLECTIONS FROM METHENY, by Nathan Rodriguez for JamBase (December 14, 2003)

Update October 11, 2005

Six new interviews

  • New Horizons - Pat Metheny's Serendipitous Quest for Musical Redefinition, by Dan Ouellette for Down Beat, issued December 2003
  • Pat Metheny interview by Michael Fagien for Jazziz, issued March 2002
  • Pat Answers - Pat Metheny talks trios, tones & technique, by Adam Levy for Guitar Player, issued March 2001
  • The Metheny method - Guitar legend brings his latest trio to T.O. for rare club date, by Errol Nazareth for the Toronto Sun (March 21, 2000)
  • Metheny's search for new sounds continues, by Errol Nazareth for the Toronto Sun, issued November 1997
  • Just A Sample Of Metheny, by Errol Nazareth for Jam!, March 3, 1995

Update October 10, 2005

14 new interviews

  • NPR Radio Show hosted by John Ydstie, aired March 29, 2005 Audio
  • LISTENING TO CD'S WITH Pat Metheny: An Idealist Reconnects With His Mentors, by Ben Ratliff for the New York Times, issued February 25, 2005
  • Pat Metheny in conversation with Mike Chadwick, broadcast of jazzfm, aired in February of 2002
  • A Jazz Sage Speaks Out, by Ken Micallef for Yahoo! Music, issued February 25, 2000 Audio
  • Chop talk with Pat Metheny - Guitar, musical wizardry are only the means to express ideas in his head, by Mike Ross for the Edmonton Sun (June 25, 1999)
  • Standing Pat? Not this cat ... Metheny's been setting the pace for a long time, by Riva Harrison for the Winnipeg Sun (June 18, 1999)
  • Trio Music - Guitarist Pat Metheny returns to his musical roots with his Monterey Jazz Festival debut. by Richard Pitnick for Monterey County Weekly, September 13, 1998
  • The Metheny Method - One of jazz's most consistent stars keeps the hits coming on the Pat Metheny Group's Imaginary Day. by Richard Martin for the Willamette Week (February 18, 1998)
  • KCRW Radio Show, aired February 13, 1998 Audio
  • Pat Metheny prend le thé avec Noël Akchoté... for the French Jazz Magazine, issued November 1997
    France French language
  • Pat Metheny s'entretient avec Serge Lazarévitch for the French Jazz Magazine, issued September 1992
    France French language
  • Pat Metheny parle à Jazz Magazine pour la première fois. by F.M. Coudert for the French Jazz Magazine, issued June 1986
    France French language
  • Interview with Roland GR User Pat Metheny - Nicholas Webb for Guitar magazine, issued May 1986
  • Pat Metheny Interview by Dr. Joe Barth for Just Jazz Guitar (unknown date)

Update October 7, 2005

12 new interviews

  • Pat Metheny THE WAY UP - Interview CD - Interview Transcript (c2005)
  • Pat Metheny im Gespräch mit Michael Rüsenberg (November 25, 2004)
    Germany German language
  • Der Trompeter im Gitarristen, Claus Lochbihler for Jazzzeitung.de (April, 2004)
    Germany German language
  • Voor Pat Metheny is jazz vooral muziek van de straat - "Ik wacht al veertig jaar op iets anders dan boem-tsjak boem-tsjak." - Pat Metheny maakt jazz voor het volk. Hij werkte met jazzhelden als Sonny Rollins en Herbie Hancock, met de minimalist Steve Reich en met David Bowie. by Koen Schouten for Draai om je oren - Jazz en meer - Weblog (July 10, 2003)
    Netherlands Dutch language
  • Pat Metheny: THE WAY UP TO MAXIMALISM. Interview by ARTURO MORA by Arturo Mora for tomajazz (mid-June 2003)
    ⇒ two versions: English and Spain Spanish language
  • Spinning Yarns - Guitarist Pat Metheny and the art of a good tale by Rob Ruffin for Berklee.edu (January 28, 2003)
  • Improvisational Theater - Making up melodies with guitar great Pat Metheny by Ed Hazell for Berklee.edu (January 23, 2003)
  • Pat Metheny - One Quiet Night by Don Dawson for Guitar.com, © 2003
  • AUSTIN CITY LIMITS Interview by Terry Lickona for AUSTIN CITY LIMITS (November 24, 2002)
  • Trippin' Out - Pat Metheny finds himself at home on the road. by John Kreicbergs for The Pitch (November 7, 2002)
  • Interview with Pat Metheny by Steve Adelson for Twentieth Century Guitar Magazine (May 1, 2002)
  • For Time Being, Metheny Just The Guitar Player by Curtis Ross of The Tampa Tribune, (published: March 28, 2002)

Update October 4, 2005

Two new interviews

  • A Fireside Chat with Pat Metheny by Fred Jung (February 2005)
  • A Fireside Chat with Pat Metheny by Fred Jung (October 2003)

Update September 27, 2003

  • "Pat Metheny -- A Man And His Guitar" by Fred Gerantab, issued September 2003 at www.jazzreview.com

Update December 21, 2002

  • "Pat Metheny -- Man vs. Time" by Alain Derbez, issued December 2002 at JAZZHOUSE.org

Update October 14, 2002

  • "Nahtloser Übergang" - Ein Interview mit der Jazz-Legende Pat Metheny, Julia Grobe for www.zeit.de, issued March 2002 [German language]

Update October 7, 2002

  • Interview by Dave Veitch for the Calgary Sun, issued June 25, 1999

Update July 28, 2002

  • Discography updates

Update July 14, 2002

  • Discography updates

Update June 7, 2002

  • Interview by Julian Piper for www.guitarist.co.uk (early 2002)

Update March 9, 2002

  • LiveDaily Interview: Pat Metheny, Jaan Uhelszki for www.livedaily.citysearch.com (February 15, 2002)
  • Pat Metheny - Mick Goodrick: Gary Burton's Star Guitarists, Michael A. Meltzer for Guitar Player magazine (March, 1976)
  • Pat Metheny: Speaks of Now, Mike Brannon for www.allaboutjazz.com (March, 2002)

Update March 2, 2002

  • Pat Metheny interviwed by Jeff Charney for www.contemporaryjazz.com (February 15, 2002)

Update February 24, 2002

  • PAT METHENY KOMPLEXE LEICHTIGKEIT by Wolf Kampmann for the German magazine Jazzthing (January, 2002) [German language]

Update February 17, 2002

  • An Interview With Pat Metheny:, Speaking Of Now by Fred Gerantab for jazzreview.com (February 15, 2002)

Update July 24, 2001

  • Metheny Won't Stand Pat, interview by Ernie Santosuosso for Boston Globe (June 1983)

Update July 13, 2001

  • Pat Metheny about Wes Montgomery, August 1995, by Jim Ferguson for JazzTimes.
  • Pat's Profile, interview by David Okamoto for Jazziz (September 1992)
  • John McLaughlin & Pat Metheny - Guitar Synthesists more or less in the jazz tradition, interview by Charles Little for Jazziz (May 1985)

Update July 8, 2001

  • Pat Metheny on Film Scoring, Hollywood, and PASSAGE TO PARADISE, interview by Holly Madden for IMAGINE 2000 (November 2000)
  • Pat Metheny closing small-group chapter in Kansas City, interview by Joe Klopus for The Kansas City Star (October 7, 2000)
  • Pat Metheny Trio Blows Into Austin, interview by Jay Trachtenberg for The Austin Chronicle (October 6, 2000)
  • Music took backseat after startling Web blast at saxman Kenny G, interview by Bret Saunders for The Denver Post (October 2, 2000)
  • Traveling Man -- Jazz Guitarist Pat Metheny Discusses His New Album and Life On The Road, interview by John Shore for www.slammsd.com (February 1998)
  • Metheny to jazz up A2 tonight, interview by Rennie Aaron for The Michigan Daily (November 12, 1997)
  • Face to Face with Pat Metheny, interview by Mark L. Small for Acoustic Guitar (April 1997)
  • Pat Metheny's Commencement Address at Berklee (May 1996)
  • Q&A with... Pat Metheny, interview by Pat's brother Mike Metheny for the Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors Magazine (August 1995)
  • Twentieth Century Nomad, Pat Metheny interview by Sonita Alleyne for Straight No Chaser (Winter 1992)

Update July 4, 2001

  • Pat Metheny interview by Pawel Brodowski and Janusz Szprot for the Polish magazine Jazz Forum (June 1985)

Update June 24, 2001

  • A dream come true, interview by Anil Prasad for www.innerviews.org (September 25, 1990)
  • Interview by Douglas J. Noble for The Guitar Magazine (August 1992)
  • French interview by Michel Dubourg & Stéphane Barthod for JAZZCAEN (May 16, 1998)
  • Mutual Admiration Society, interview with Pat and Jim Hall by Ken Micaleff for Guitar (1998)
  • Dynamic Duo, interview with Jim Hall by Adam Levy for Guitar Player (August 1999)
  • Making melodies with jazz's favorite guitar wizard, interview by Jon Garelick for Boston Phoenix (March 2000)
  • 3's Company -- Pat Metheny brings new trio to LBC, interview by Greg Cahill for www.metroactive.com (March 2000)
  • Interview by Mike Brannon for All About Jazz (June 2000)
  • Interview by Eric Magnusson and Alain Le Roux for Le Jazz (date unknown)
  • Pat Metheny -- in and out of the Comfort Zone, Pat Metheny on Roland guitars (date unknown)