Musicians about Pat Metheny

Trey Anastasio

... Former Phish frontman Trey Anastasio claims that hearing Metheny "completely reshuffled my deck." ...

Nathan Rodriguez in the introduction to his Pat Metheny interview for JamBase | Colorado (December 14, 2004)


Kurt Rosenwinkel

... "[Pat] Metheny, man. He's the king. I don't really go for his recorded stuff these days, but I saw him live and I was really happy because he reestablished himself in my pantheon. His natural melodicism is so free and just inspiring," says Rosenwinkel, who also counts Frisell among his heroes. ...

Interviewed by R.J. DeLuke for All About Jazz (December 1, 2003)

Kurt Rosenwinkel's Guitarfavorites
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Kevin Eubanks - "Opening Night"
Tal Farlow - Verve Sampler
Grant Green - "The Latin Bit"
Pat Metheny - "Rejoicing"
Pat Metheny - "Offramp"
Pat Metheny - "Travels"
Pat Metheny - "Full Circle"
John Scofield - "Blue Matter"
George Van Eps - "Soliloquy"

as reported by Christian Rover (source)


Paul Wertico

... It was great on so many levels. There was an amazing depth of conception and Pat and Lyle Mays really could write some heavy compositions. They werent just nice little easy tunes that anybody could blow over.
Every time you thought you had cracked their musical code, thered be ten other things youd have to crack, and youd see what deep composers those guys were. ...

... Actually, Pat and I especially would go out after our concerts a lot of times and sit in and play bebop or whatever at a local club. It was a nice change from our normal set. ...

... Pat used to write something and it just happened to be in seven. It wasnt like hes say, Ok, now Im going to do something in 7. Its just that they were really sophisticated musicians who wrote what they heard and felt. ...

... First Circle was great. I really liked that song. That summed up a lot of the concept of what we were doing. It breathed. It had a really singable melody even though it was a complex time signature.
I really like Still Life (Talking). I think that was a great CD. I thought Imaginary Day was really good. There was a lot of good stuff that we did. And some of the stuff that wasnt as good was still ok. We set pretty high standards for ourselves. ...

Interview for iZotope, ©2006 (source)

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