Linda Manzer Linda Manzer made - among others - the wonderful Pikasso guitar for Pat.

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She has her own homepage, which is really worth to visit.
Take a look:

Read Marek Komar's interview with Linda.
Pikasso I

A word of thanks.... by Pat Metheny

"Part of the reason (I've begun to play acoustic guitar) is because of this incredible guitar I've been playing the last few years. Linda Manzer made me a 6-string. It was the instrument I used to record 'Lonely Woman' on Rejoicing. That tune just sparkles because of that guitar. She made me that one guitar, which I immediately fell in love with, and then I said 'Well, how about you make me a 12-string?' The night I got it, I wrote four tunes. It was a totally inspiring instrument."

You can hear Pat play his Manzer collection on his acoustic duet CD with Charlie Haden - "BEYOND THE MISSOURI SKY" and on the PMG Group CD "IMAGINARY DAY", a duet CD with Jim Hall and just released - the extremely beautiful soundtrack "Map of the World"

You can find a lot more words of thanks at Linda's site.

Pikasso I
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