Country Author Title Comments
USA anonymous Miles Davis Miles Davis official site
USA SONY Miles Davis SONY dedicated a completely new site to Miles Davis.
USA Peter Losin Miles Ahead includes a very comprehensive discography
France Philippe Bocher Miles Davis for beginners
A Miles Davis Shrine
Germany Peter Westphal M.D. ...the missing links
listed a lot of recorded music which is not (yet) included in Jan Lohmann's book
USA Larry Tomczyk Milestones Main Menu:
We Want Miles : recording and video exchange HOT!
In A Silent Way : sessionography: over 1200 studio sessions,club dates and concert listings!
The Man With The Horn : comprehensive discography
Kind of Blue : details many releases and variations of the classic album
Circle in the Round : essays and articles
Miles Smiles : photographs
Sketches of ... : artworks
Directions : books, music notation and transcriptions
Somethin' Else : Miles Internet sites of interest
It Gets Better : Updates, comments, corrections and suggestions
Stuff : A place to purchase recordings, books and other items...
Madness! : Help us find these Miles Davis items
USA Don Crowson Still Miles Ahead
offered an interesting table of Miles' sidemen over the decades
Denmark Jan Lohmann Jan Lohmann is the author of "The sound of MILES DAVIS The discography. 1945-1991" He still works on the second edition which hopefully will be issued by the end of the year 2000.
USA Michael R. Lane Tune Up!
USA Kenneth Rasmusson We loved him madly A Tribute to Miles Davis

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