This table lists some URLs which I visit on a regular basis or [imho] are interesting enough, to take a look.
Page Title Maintained by URL Remarks
All About Jazz Michael Ricci
Todd Williamson All About Jazz currently [8/19/2001] offers over:
• 7,000 music, book and concert reviews
• 500 interviews
• 10,000 pages
• 200 contributors
BandHunt D.J. is a band and artist dedicated information site. It's goal is to provide information on all your favorite bands and artists. Bio's, Lyrics, Albums, Reviews, and links are being added all the time for new artists. You may also add content for you favorite artists, such as bios, lyrics, reviews etc... In addition there are many places on BandHunt where you can vote for you favorite bands, sites and in polls. BandHunt also offers free email, contests, an artist store and more... Check back often for new additions and services as our site is still in the begining stages. Thanks for visiting,
Citizen Jazz Matthieu Jouan
Alain Le Roux-Marini Citizen Jazz is the successor of Le Jazz
[see link ↓ ].
Mike Zwerin CULTURE KIOSQUE calls itself "The European Guide to Arts, Culture and Entertainment Worldwide" and covers items as "Art & Arch", "Chef", "Dance", "Jazz", "Klassik", "Nouveau" and "Opera".
← The given URL leads to the Jazz department.
Mike Zwerin has been jazz and rock critic for the International Herald Tribune for the last twenty years. He was also the European correspondent for The Village Voice. Mike Zwerin is the author of several books on jazz.
digital interviews Rossgita Communications This site offers a series of interviews, among others Pat Metheny and John Scofield. The newest interview has been added already in May, 2001.
dr. Jazz OPERATIONS Dr. Jazz to be... "The premier independent radio & print media record promotion firm in the States specializing in jazz, blues & world music."
JAZZ CORNER Lois Gilbert
Ben Allison (site design) A site with a very cool design using Flash. It offers links to musicians' sites, a calendar of jazz events for the U.S.A. as well as for some European countries, a collection of articles and interviews and a board.
JAZZ FORUM ? The famous Polish jazz magazine online. Unfortunately, this site is completely written in Polish language, so most of us will only be able to appreciate some pictures there. I hope they can afford to offer an english version some day... ? The site of the Jazz Journalists Association, presided by Howard Mandel. This site offers lots of articles, reviews of miscellaneous jazz events, news, and a department called "The Final Post" mainly maintained by Kenny Mathieson from Scotland, who provides obituaries on jazz musicians having passed away recently.
Jazzinstitut Darmstadt Wolfram Knauer This is the most comprehensive collection of information about the German jazz scene.
It's also Europe's largest public research archive on jazz.
JAZZIZ JAZZIZ In distinction to DOWN BEAT, this magazine's online version offers very few content, but works as a merchandising tool for subscription and online shopping. So this is not really a recommendation.
Jazz Landscapes Kevin Neireiter You have to have Flash installed. If not, it's time to make up for it. Select "Animations" and then click on the forth picture in the first row (leading to withmiles.html) and be patient. It's not the fastest server in the net. But this interview with Miles Davis is one of the funniest things I happened to find so far. Enjoy!
jazzmatazz Alan Lankin Alan Lankin claims: "Jazzmatazz features the most comprehensive listing of upcoming jazz CDs on the web. The site also features jazz reviews and an extensive list of jazz website links." Uwe Leiber
[Manager] After lots of easy listening music on a Kenny G level especially from the U.S.A. finally I found a network RADIO offering fine jazz music in superior quality. You need the RealPlayer to enjoy this great service.
Jazz Online ? Jazz Online claims to be "the world’s first commercial interactive network devoted exclusively to jazz." They offer CD reviews, a department called "Artist Q & A" with short interviews, the "Jazz Messenger" who can be asked questions concerning jazz, and a department called "Jazz 101" with descriptions of jazz styles, and three "Jazz Guides" recommending CDs on different levels of experience with a direct link to Amazon.
Jazz Podium Gudrun Endress
Karin Walker
Matthias Weiller Online version of the German jazz magazine Jazz Podium. Almost no content. The only thing you can do is offer a free trial issue.
German language Publisher: Morrice Blackwell
Editor: Samira Elkouh Have a look; there are too many departments to report here. But there is one sub-department under "Jazz Spotlight Features" called "JazzViews - Artist Interviews" containing a huge collection of more than 400 interviews.
A new links directory will be activated to the public during the first quarter of 2002.
JazzSteps Todd Williamson The most interesting part of this site is the HISTORY department, which tells the story of jazz in the form of a genealogical tree. I did not yet check all it's branches, so have a look youself.
JAZZTHETIK Holger Friese
Christian Iskalla Online version of the German magazine JAZZTHETIK, covering not only jazz, but also contemporary arts, literature and music. The archive goes back to the year 2000 only. You can order a free trial issue.
German language
JAZZthing Martin Laurentius Online version of the German magazine JAZZthing,
German language
JazzTimes JazzTimes Leonard Feather's legendary BEFORE & AFTER online. The sound samples delivered together with the comments makes it even more interesting, because nobody really knows every title presented.
You need the RealPlayer to hear the sound samples.
Jazz Weekly Fred Jung Fred Jung offers his large collection of FIRESIDE CHATs and CD reviews. In distinction to "digital interviews" this site is still alive. Several of Fred's interview can also be read at Jazz Review [see link ↑ ].
Jerry Jazz Musician ? Check the departments Making the Scene and Liner Notes.
Le Jazz Alain Le Roux
(director, chief editor, webmaster) Le Jazz is an electronic magazine dedicated to jazz and improvised music. It is based on a non profit organization declared under the name JEMI (Jazz Et Musiques Improvisées).
The French version of this site has moved to just recently [see link ↑ ].
The English version will be available "in the near future" as they said on August 19, 2001. Check out to see if it's done.
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