I'd like to thank some people who support me by providing a link to my site on their sites.

Robert Conti Robert Conti is a guitar player from Las Vegas, USA.
Eric Elias Eric Elias is a guitar player from Indiana, USA.
Markus Fischer Markus Fischer is a double bass player from Switzerland, and (among others) a member of the Swiss quartet Blue Goat.
Wolfram Knauer Dr. Wolfram Knauer is the director of the Jazzinstitut Darmstadt, Europe's largest public research archive on jazz.
Michael Ricci Michael encouraged me to add a link to my site to the Jazz Web Resource Listing of all•about•jazz.
STANDWOOD STANDWOOD from Seoul, South Korea maintains a fine site called Pat Metheny Group Mania Web. The greater part of the content is in Korean language, but you'll also find some English content.
The PMG obviously has a lot of fans in South Korea. There are at least two other fan sites (see Pat Metheny related Links).
Christine Stephan Christine Stephan is the editor of the German jazz magazine Jazzthetik.
Herwig Stieger Herwig Stieger is a percussionist from Austria. He is a member of Heavy Tuba, an Austrian band founded by Austrian trombonist Heimo Schmid in 1993.

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