Weather Report: Heavy Weather Weather Report: Heavy Weather, rec. 1977

Joe Zawinul, Oberheim Polyphonic, Arp 2600, acoustic piano, vocal, Melodica, Rhodes piano, guitar, tabla
Wayne Shorter, soprano & tenor saxophone
Jaco Pastorius, bass, Mandocello, vocal, drums, steel drums
Acuna, drums, congas, tom toms, handclap
Manolo Badrena, tambourine, congas, vocal, timbales, percussion

Producer/Orchestrator: Joe Zawinul
Co-Producer: Jaco Pastorius
Assistant Producer: Wayne Shorter

COLUMBIA 468209 2 (digitally remastered)
  1. Birdland (Zawinul)
  2. A Remark You Made (Zawinul)
  3. Teen Town (Pastorius)
  4. Harlequin (Shorter)
  5. Rumba Mama (Badrena)
  6. Palladium (Shorter)
  7. The Juggler (Zawinul)
  8. Havona (Pastorius)
Heavy Weather [imho] is Weather Report's best recording. At least it's outstanding due to two of Joe Zawinul's finest compositions (besides In a Silent Way), Birdland, which has become a standard even in big band repertoires, and A Remark You Made, a haunting ballad featuring Wayne Shorter on tenor saxophone. And last but not least we can hear lots of Jaco Pastorius' wonderful basslines.
Weather Report recorded 16 albums during 15 years, each worth to listen to. But Heavy Weather definitely is Weather Report at its best.

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