United Women's Orchestra (Germany/Netherlands)

Christina Fuchs - co-leader (saxophones, bass clarinet) [Germany]
Hazel Leach - co-leader (saxophone, flute) [UK]
Julia Hülsmann - piano [Germany]
Ulla Oster - acoustic & electric bass [Germany]
Caroline Bigge - drums & percussion [Germany]
Hermine Schneider - trumpet [Netherlands]
Steffi Deckers - trumpet [Germany]
Sabine Ercklentz - trumpet [Germany]
Helen Barsby - trumpet [New Zealand]
Teddy Steen - trombone [Netherlands]
Miranda van den Berkt - trombone [Netherlands]
Annemarie Roelofs - trombone, bass trombone [Netherlands]
Janni Struzyk - tuba [Germany]
Meike Goosmann - soprano & alto saxes, clarinet [Germany]
Corinna Danzer - alto saxophone, flute [Germany]
Marie-Christine Schröck - tenor, soprano & alto saxes, flute, clarinet [Germany]
Christine Hörmann - baritone saxophone, flute [Germany]
Silke Eberhard - alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet [Germany]

These days the UWO is becoming more of a pool of musicians than a "limited company"; the ladies are all involved in so many projects that they are collecting a group of permanent subs...
Some of the other musicians you're likely to encounter on stage with them are introduced below.

Eva Kruse - bass [Germany]
Laia Genc - piano [Germany]
Aimée Povel - drums [Netherlands]
Caroline Thon - saxophone [Germany]
Petra Krumphuber - trombone [Germany]
Viola Engelbrecht - trombone [Germany]
Angelika Niescier - soprano & alto saxes [Germany]
Susanne Riemer - trumpet [Germany]
Nancy Gildner - trumpet [Canada]
Sandra Horn - trumpet [Germany]
Annette Maye - clarinet, bass clarinet [Germany]
Regina Pastuszyk - clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet [Germany]

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