TryTone (Netherlands)

TryTone about TryTone:

TryTone is a young musicians collective, record label and concert promoting agency from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. TryTone brings together young musicians who are searching for New ways of Jazz by organising festivals, concerts, workshops and by promoting a style which is unconventional, innovative and cross-over.

TryTone is always looking for national and international exchanges with joint musical spirits!




  • AGOG
  • Bhedam
  • Bite the Gnatze
  • Dalgoo
  • Deep Fried Angel Fish
  • Drumless DOG
  • Global Axis
  • Going Down
  • Man Bites Dog
  • Mosaic
  • Munzruh
  • Ninsk
  • Olthuis & Van Veenendaal
  • On the Line
  • President of the Globe
  • Spinifex Orchestra
  • Temporary Visions
  • Tetzepi
  • Theo Loevendie meets Kristina Fuchs Sonic Unit
  • van Veenendaal / Kneer / Sun
  • Victor de Boo Trio
  • ZAPP string quartet

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