Jasper van 't Hof's Pili-Pili (Netherlands)

founded in 1983/84 by Jasper van 't Hof

Quote from Jasper's site:

"Jasper van't Hof discovered his love for African music on a tour of Central Africa in 1982-83. Since then he has been drawn back to the black continent again and again. He won great recognition and popularity for his projects with Bob Minzer (Yellow Jackets) in Johannesburg and elsewhere. He was the first foreign musician to be invited to the Arts Allive Festival and to play in various townships of South Africa before the end of apartheid, an experience which deeply influenced and inspired him. The CD NOMANSLAND (1997) therefore came to him natrurally. It focues on the theme of slavery."

"While PILI PILI has been cooperating with musicians from many different African countries like Mali, Guinea, Senegal, and Kongo, for the project INCWADI YOTHANDO (love letter) Jasper invited a young Zulu choir from Durban, South Africa."

"The latest project centers around the legendary west African city of KIMBUKTU. Involved in this CD production and in the subsequent tour are among others: Eric Vloemans (tp), Dra Diarra (perc) and the west African singer Mabinthy Sakho, whose remarkable voice was already on the CD NOMANSLAND."

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