This collection of links is dedicated to contemporary musicians in the first place, and doesn't list fan pages but official sites only.

But I also try to include the most important musicians, who have already passed away. For the case of the latter I also list some fan pages, if they offer a sincere contribution.

The notation of dates is often confusing, as 03.05.2000 is May 3, 2000 in Germany, whereas 03/05/2000 is March 5, 2000 in the USA. So I decided to use the months' names to be clear for everyone. Though it might happen that I give a wrong date if I read a date given in the 09/10/1999 notation the wrong way.

If you detect any dead link or any incorrect information, please give me your feedback.

How to use this collection of links
(You can always go back to this instruction by clicking the HELP link to the left.)

Alphabetical lists of Musicians ( A thru Z ) by last name

If you click one of the letters in the navigation frame to the left, a list of musicians (whose last name begins with the selected letter) will appear instead of the text you're just reading.
If the musician's name appears as a link ( e.g. Davis, Michael), there is an "official site" which will be opened in a new window by clicking the link. The same applies to site links listed below the musicians' names ( e.g.Official Miles Davis Web Site ).
All other links ( e.g. • member of the → Bob Mintzer Big Band ) or ( e.g. * den Brink, Bert van → van den Brink, Bert ) open new documents within the frameset.

Alphabetical lists of Bands ( A thru Z )

To keep a better overview, the bands are now organized the same way as the musicians. You can now select a letter first, and will then see a list of bands. A click on a band's name will display the lineup, and sometimes some additional information about the band selected.
There are also two kinds of links on the "lineup" pages. All musicians appearing as links are also listed on the musicians' pages (A thru Z). These links again open new documents within the frameset.
If there is an "official site" of the band, the band's name will appear as a link. A click on this link will open the band's site in a new window.
I've changed this rule: if there's no special site featuring the band, but there is an official site of the bandleader, the band's name will now be linked to the bandleader's site.

Working together

There are links from the musicians' lists (A thru Z), and the bands' lists to the band's pages and vice versa. So you can look after a musician to get to his site and see the bands he or she has played with, or you start looking after a band to see the lineup, and then jump to the single musician.

Have fun :-)

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