The F-IRE Collective (Australia/Austria/France/Germany/Italy/UK/USA)

founded by London born saxophonist and composer Barak Schmool


"F-ire is a collective of musicians, dancers and visual artists committed to developing and sustaining creativity. We have come together to ensure, by mutual support and co-ordination, that our artistic efforts function well within the communities with which we interact.
The reality was when we began (and still is) that we could not be in competition with each other if our lives were to continue the natural integration and experimentation that London seems to demand. Sharing our resources has lead only to increased opportunities and value for each other, and this synergy has helped us believe in the absolute essentiality of creativity world-wide.
We organise extensive performance, recording and education activities that permit continuous development, for ourselves along with those that come to share and interact in the experiences. Offering enriching cultural opportunities in a variety of settings from concert hall to college to club to carnival... follow the links to find out more."


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