All Ears (Germany/NetherlandsUSA)


What happened earlier
"All Ears" was the group in which saxophonist Frans Vermeerssen first worked with trumpet player Herb Robertson. Invited by the 'Jazzmarathon' in Groningen, (1987), Vermeerssen formed a group and invited as guest Herb Robertson, who at the time was little known in the Netherlands. The collaboration turned out to be a success: a record and two tours resulted. Both concerts and LP were very well received by press and audience alike.
The collaboration between Michiel Braam and Frans Vermeerssen dates back to 1989, when they were both invited by the 'Heineken Jazz Festival' to take part in a group that performed music of the Hungarian bass-player Aladar Pege. Braam asked Vermeerssen for his Bik Bent Braam, and Vermeerssen invited Braam's trio (with Wilbert de Joode and Michael Vatcher) for his Frans Vermeerssen quartet. Since the release of the 'One For Rahsaan' CD, and the associated tour in 1995, the quartet has played only sporadically. Vermeerssen and Braam thought it about time to do something about that, and decided to extend the quartet to a sextet with the name 'All Ears', to tour in 2003.
Frans Vermeerssen and Michiel Braam did compose a totally new program for All Ears. Braam did write a suite: "Foamy Wife Hum", containing the following parts: Tenorman - Offers - All - Burry - Yammerheads - Willy-Nilly - Improved - Bony - Ears - Herbicidally - Up To - Drumming. Vermeerssen wrote the following titles: Cherry Pop, As In, Day See, 18 Rabbit, Break, Line, Petersburg.
This complete program was released on double ceedee summer 2003. Material from the concerts in Grand Theatre Groningen and Bimhuis Amsterdam was presented. The group will tour again spring 2005, playing a totally new program, 12 new pieces by Vermeerssen, and 18 Braam songs under the title "Change This Song".

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